LDD Yorkshire Day Update

Hello and Happy Yorkshire Day! 

It’s your friendly neighbourhood team from Leeds Digital Drinks…

Sorry we’ve been quiet recently – our team, while furiously passionate about building the digital community in Leeds, has been a bit busy balancing all of our day jobs and side projects.

Owen’s been starting his training for the Yorkshire Marathon and launched a YouTube channel for the Big Leeds Climate Conversation. 

Rich has helped over 70 social purpose organisations since January through his ethical marketing agency and has been recognised by winning multiple awards including business of the year.  

Ash has recently took on a new role at work helping clients around the UK with their software projects and celebrated the third year of his newsletter curating educational resources for students and young professionals.   

Sonia had graduated with a first in Mathematics from the University of Leeds and is spending the summer working at Panintelligence and developing their analytics engine. 

And Josh is preparing to start his new degree program in stage production and management this autumn.

Thank you for your patience while our devoted team of volunteers makes the time to bring you some amazing events and recognise those in our community dedicated to making this an open, stimulating space for innovators of tomorrow and founders to connect and grow. 

So without further ado, here is everything we’ve been working on lately along with our plans for the rest of the year! 

Seeing 20/20 into 2020  

First things first you might have noticed we updated our vision statement which is our way of saying who we are and what we do. Here it is going into next year:

We are the innovators of tomorrow, promoting positive change one event at a time by connecting the digital community in the real world. 

As a dedicated group of volunteers who believe that Leeds provides all the elements to making a thriving career in digital, tech, creativity and start ups our aim is to create events that are welcoming, where you can make friends and also gain authentic insight from our local founders. 

Outside of our events we collaborate with sponsors, meetups and charities to develop a 24/7 support framework for students, aspiring founders and industry professionals who have an idea for a side project or two. 

What would you like to see in 2020? Our DMs are open! Email is fab too! hello@leedsdigitaldrinks.com

Upcoming Events

Woo! Events! Our bread and butter! Or should we say our Yorkshire Tea and biscuits? Our rhubarb and gin. Our Bonfire Night and Parkin. Our Yorkshire pudding and Sunday roast. You get the idea. 

23 AUGUST: Founders – Summer Party! 

It’s been a while since our last event and due to high demand we’re reserving a space to catch up over a pint before finishing off 2019 with a bang! Rumours are that there might be a rooftop patio involved…Keep your eyes out for an Eventbrite link dropping soon! 

Collab with IMechE Process Industries Division Yorkshire (Postponed)  

How much money can you make from cooling? Dr Tim Fox will be delivering this lecture to share the opportunities for Founders in the “Cold Economy”. With a summer of record-breaking temperatures and the conversation on the climate growing, this is a talk not to be missed for aspiring tech entrepreneurs looking to cash in on the coolest tech. 

OCTOBER: Founders – Show Me The Money Edition

Founders is back with an evening on every startup’s favourite tool: money! Here we’ll hear from a variety of founders each sharing their stories and tips to raising funding from investors to research grants to competitions. 

NOVEMBER – Global Digital Week/Global Entrepreneur Week

Two big weeks of events are coming to Leeds this November and Leeds Digital Drinks will be out at both showing students how to level up their digital skills as well as plugging in Leeds to the global entrepreneur network. Stay tuned to our social channels where you can be the first to hear more details. 

Collaborations With People Like You! 

Big Leeds Climate Conversation

You might have noticed a spike in posts about the environment on our channel lately. For those of you wondering why that is, on the back of our event on sustainability in May we’ve teamed up with climate initiatives around the city to give them a digital spin.

Did you know that Leeds City Council declared a climate emergency this past year?

To raise awareness of this critical issue we’ve launched and new YouTube channel in partnership with The Big Leeds Climate Conversation!

There’s now a home for all your questions around the environment and what we can do to take action. Check it out! People just like you are joining in

Founders Friday Event Sponsors

Speaking of collaborations we’d like to take this moment to thank all our brilliant sponsors so far this year! We’ve raised more than doubled sponsorship funding for local events for the digital community thanks to your support!

Crisp Thinking – Crisp is the global authority on social media risk.

Hark – The Hark mission is to build innovative hardware and software solutions to remedy real-world challenges.

All in. Leeds. – All in. Leeds. was sparked by the city’s bid to become the new home of Channel 4 outside of London. Thrilled doesn’t quite cover it.

Exa Networks – Providing incredible Internet services for businesses and schools.

Another shout out to our fantastic venues Wizu and Kirkstall Forge. Cheers to Tapped and Toast Ale for bringing the brews! And kudos to Pink Gorilla and Hairy Lemon for everything fabulous when it comes to throwing a party.

If you would like to sponsor a future Leeds Digital Drinks event please do get in touch with us at hello@leedsdigitaldrinks.com! We’re always happy to discuss how we can set up a collaboration for our next event! 

Open Positions

Want to be a part of all the excitement? We’re looking for the innovators of tomorrow to help grow Leeds Digital Drinks and empower future digital founders in Yorkshire! 

We’re recruiting for the following roles: 

  • Start Up Weekend Leeds Organisers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Content Creators

Application are easy, send us a DM with your statement of interest or via email at, you guessed it, hello@leedsdigitaldrinks.com.

Resources For Founders 

We want to make sure you have support ‘round the clock for your ideas, which is why we’ve put together some rocket boosting resources for you on our Wakelet page. 

Some of our most recent ones include:

Made In Leeds: Podcasts – Did you know podcasts are one of the fastest growing mediums with about £400 million made in revenue last year! Here are a variety of podcasts produced right here in Yorkshire

Empowering Tech Talent In Leeds – Fill your social calendar with some of the most supportive and inclusive tech meetups around featuring plenty of #girlpower! 

(By the way, Wakelet is another startup from here in the UK and have a very friendly team so if you are looking to collect useful stuff all in one place then look them up!)

What online resources do you wish were available? Our curation pros will save you the time searching the vast web and store them for you in one place!

And there you go! That’s what we’ve been up to as well as our plans for the rest of the year! Can’t wait to see you out and about to catch up over a pint on 23 August!

Cheers! 🍻
Your Friendly Leeds Digital Drinks Team

Owen, Ash, Sonia, Josh and Rich

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