Support Your Local, Leeds

With more and more cases of the coronavirus being reported on a daily basis, the Government has rightly urged people to socially distance themselves from others and stay at home. But small businesses are paying the price for it.

In order to give back to the local community and to keep local businesses alive, we’re urging people to stand in solidarity with small business owners and show your support.

We’ve launched Support Your Local, Leeds, an online resource which brings together Leeds-based businesses.

How can you help our local businesses

  1. In self-isolation and hungry? Try the delivery menu at a local restaurant for lunch or dinner instead of the multi-national fast food chain — they will not miss you for one meal but your local will be appreciative.
  2. Purchase gift cards for birthday presents at your local suppliers — Hairdressers, Beauty Therapists, Restaurants and the Theatre will all offer gift cards.
  3. Shop local — online and off. With all of the photos of empty shelves in our major supermarkets there are also photos of smaller stores still holding stock of the essentials. Have you checked the local post office for loo roll? How about the corner shop for your pasta?

Why you should support small businesses

Most of our small, independent businesses survive on consistent sales and an economic downturn such as the current climate threatens to devastate these businesses. We’ve put together three reasons why you should shop locally during these challenging times:

  1. You save the local economy. Research suggests that every £10 spent with a local independent business means £50 going back into the local economy. This means that you can indirectly make a big impact on your local community without it costing you much.
  2. Safeguarding local jobs. Buying locally will boost the chance that our local businesses will be able to continue long after this pandemic has passed. Shopping locally supports these businesses to keep employing your friends and neighbours.
  3. Local business support local charities. A lot of local charities rely on the support of local businesses. By supporting your local shops, not only are you helping your local businesses survive, but you are also increasing charitable donations.

Written by Gary Butterfield

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