Calling all Digital Makers

For the creators of today and innovators of tomorrow. The new hangout in Leeds for curious makers looking to unlock their imagination and launch faster. Want in?

During the temporary pause of our physical events, we’ve decided to launch Leeds Digital Makers, a space for makers, creatives, developers, entrepreneurs, thinkers, (any type of digital do-er) to catch-up every fortnight over video-call. We’re all about creating a supportive, tight-knit group of creators looking to launch their ideas fast.

Our core values are around: 

Staying connected – meeting regularly and using video calls where possible to get to know each other and build a strong network.

Staying creative – challenging the norm of how products can be developed using no-code, visual development and automation to quickly test ideas

Staying collaborative – being open to new opportunities in the group and complementing each other’s strengths and skills

Staying accountable – this is probably the most important group values. To listen and support every other member while also committing to the next steps for their project to be done when they say it will be done. Developing trust helps us accelerate together as a group towards our individual goals!

If you’d be interested in joining the group, please join the email list here:

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